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industrial fully automatic chips fryer

  • Industrial Fully Automatic Fried Chips Production Line

    Industrial Fully Automatic Fried Chips Production Line

    The potatoes are first cleaned and peeled, and the peeled potatoes are cut into strips by a high-speed cutting machine, then the potato strips are put into the washing machine, and then blanched to prevent the color from being deteriorated. After blanched the potato strips enter the vibrating drainer to remove excess water, and sent to the fryer by the lifting conveyor for frying. After being drained by an air-drying lifting equipment, it is sent to a mixer for seasoning. The flavored French fries are sent to the packaging machine for vacuum packaging or ordinary packaging by the lifting conveyor belt. The French fries/potato chips frying line is suitable for the continuous production of meat, aquatic products, vegetables, wheaten food and other products. The oil is heated by electric, saving more energy and greatly reduces the oxidation of the edible oil, prolongs the service life of the oil and improves the safety of use.

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